ICA Board Elections Underway


ICA Board Candidate Positions

Here are the position statements for all ICA positions sorted in alphabetical order by candidate last name. Each official team representative has received via email an invitation to submit a ballot. If a team erroneously fills out multiple ballots, only the most recent one by the official representative will be counted and the rest will be thrown out. If you have questions or comments about this form or the nomination process, send an email to ica.electioncommittee@gmail.com

Candidates for the office of President

William J House, II
Personal statement: “Greetings! I am writing to express my interest in serving as an officer at the ICA. I have a unique and diverse background that includes: communications, banking, management, communication and state government and cycling.

I would like to use the knowledge, skills and experience that I have gained to move cycling in Illinois forward. After my 12 year banking career was ended with a lay-off in 2007, I focused on my education obtaining my bachelor’s degree in 2010 and my master’s degree in 2012. I am currently working at the Illinois Secretary of State. In addition to my ‘permanent’ employment, I am a certified cycling coach, and work part-time at a local bike shop in Springfield, IL.

I am amazed at the progress that cycling has made over the last couple of years, but we still have more work to do and I would like to help! I feel confident that my skills and experience would allow me to make a strong contribution to your team.

#1 We need better biking infrastructure (especially in downstate Illinois), in order for people to feel safe/safer riding in their community. This will help create a better biking culture, which will encourage more people to ride.

#2 Motorists and bicyclists need to interact safely this can be accomplished two-fold; with better biking education and better biking laws, so that bicyclists are treated fairly.

Thank you for your consideration!

Bill House”

Timothy McClinton
Personal statement: “I believe my passion for cycling combined with my professional experience warrant consideration for the president of the Illinois Cycling Association.

I became passionate about cycling about 14 years ago while training for a triathlon. I loved the thrill and freedom of getting out on my bike, challenging my physical and mental limitations while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Chicago. I’ve done everything crits to racing on the track to time trials and centuries. I have had the distinct pleasure of riding for teams like XXX Racing, Vision Quest and the Pony Shop. I also learned key cycling insights while being coached by the likes of Randy Warren, Doug McLaren and Mike Heagney. These coaches not only taught me how to train and race but also proper etiquette and a respect for the sport.

As I matured and moved to Naperville I backed away from the racing scene and focused on having fun on my bike. I have introduced my young family, my friends and work colleagues to cycling. I’ve started to build a strong cycling network in Naperville through the local Trek shop, Spokes bike shops in Naperville and Wheaton and local cycling club members.

I also had a degenerative joint which led to a hip replacement. Cycling is now my primary form of exercise and key part of my social network. My hip replacement helped me realize that nothing is guaranteed so I enjoy every moment of life and every minute on the bike.

With respect to my professional career, I am a Vice President and general manager who leads over 200 colleagues spread across the U.S. My experience leading a geographically dispersed team has taught me a few things. First, it taught me the importance of effective messaging and communication to drive engagement.

The second lesson is related to leadership. Through I’ve learned to lead a diverse team and a respect for and a respect and appreciation for the unique experience and opinion of each team member.

I also have experience partnering with associations such as the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy [NASBA], the AICPA, and Beta Alpha Psi [BAP]. Through these affiliations I’ve gained a deep appreciation for the joys and challenges of being part of an association. I’ve gleaned best practices related to association marketing and member services.

Finally, my professional experience has shaped my opinion on progress. There is no such thing as standing still. Organizations are either advancing or losing ground.

I hope to have an opportunity to assist the ICA in continuing to advance the association and passion for cycling in Illinois.”

Candidates for the office of Vice President

Stephen Drew
Personal Statement: “My name is Stephen Drew and my family and I are actively involved in the cycling community in Illinois through participation in the Chicago Cyclocross Cup races and in the WORS races in Wisconsin. I am a back of the pack cross and MTB racer but enjoy the sport and the family atmosphere of the cross and mtb races very much. My son Isaac is currently racing for Marian University in Indianapolis and my older son Caleb races cross and MTB on ocassion as well. We can be found at the Bicycle Heaven tent at the cyclocross races in the fall grilling brats, passing out beers, and cheering on the riders.

I currently work for Cigna Healthcare in a senior IT leadership position managing the global customer service applications and infrastructure. I work out of my home in Geneva, IL and travel to corporate offices in Bloomfield, CT regularly.

I am interested in volunteering for this position to help drive the future of cycling in Illinois and I have a particular interest in youth development programs.”

David Fowkes
David Fowkes is a long-time USA Cycling Official, and current ICA Technical Director.

Candidate for the office of secretary

Brad Rainko
Personal Statement: “As someone who has an extreme passion for all forms of cycling, I feel it is now my time to give back to the community that has taught me so much. It would be an honor to represent the greater group as the ICA secretary and work with a team to continue to promote cycling races of all types.

My professional background lends itself to the Secretary position, as I am employed by a large multi national company as a global director; my job requires that I work with all levels of employees and customers from around the world on multiple projects at the same time. I posses the ability to work with these various groups that provide different areas of expertise to achieve one common goal. I would use this training to help the ICA advance and expand high quality competitive cycling in Illinois.

As a cyclist, I am a road and cyclocross racer for Johnny Sprockets. I ride in the city of Chicago daily, and there is not a day that goes by that I am not planning my next event, whether it be organizing my training program or reading about ways to improve upon my mostly pedestrian results!!!

I thank you for your consideration and wish all the nominees good luck.”

Candidate for the office of treasurer

Kelly Clarke
Kelly Clarke is a member of the Spidermonkey Cycling team and currently volunteers as the Media Coordinator for the Chicago Cyclocross Cup.

Candidates for the Officer-at-Large

Chad Briggs
Personal Statement: “I have been heavily involved in bike racing for the past 10 years. Besides racing, I served as race director of the Great Egyptian Omnium for five years, Faculty/Staff Adviser for the SIUC Cycling Club and Treasurer for the Continental Tire / Bike Surgeon Cycling Team. Having previously lived in southern Illinois, and now in northern Illinois, I can represent the perspective of racers both down- and up-state. I is very passionate about the sport, and would like to get involved in the ICA as the Officer-At-Large.”

Hugh Gill
Personal Statement: “I am nominating myself for Officer-At-Large. Newer rider/racer in the scene trying to get more exposure and actually live the life of a cyclist!”

Sarah Gulseth
Personal Statement: “I would like to nominate myself for the position of Officer-At-Large for the Illinois Cycling Association Board of Directors.

A few years ago I got into bike racing as a way to channel my athletic endeavors post-college, but now it’s become my way of life. I plan my year around what race season it is (road or cross!), and most vacations include some sort of racing. The network of bike racers that I’ve come to know, including my teammates (Team INTENT) is almost a second family. I look forward to racing every weekend during cross season not only because I get to play bikes, but I also get to hang out with my friends. In addition to all of that, my recent career change into the bike industry has increased my desire to improve cycling opportunities and advocacy for women, whether it’s racing or just commuting to work. I’ve also begun bike commuting from the suburbs to Lincoln Park, and that has given me an entirely new perspective of the opportunities and barriers for women in cycling.

Because of my recent career change, I’m no longer active on the two boards I was a part of (President of the Pleasant District Business Association and Communications Chair for the Association of YMCA Professionals Chapter 45). I want to be back in the action on a board in order to help shape the direction of something I care deeply about. I understand how important racing is to the bike community, and I want to be sure that it has a vibrant future in Illinois.

Mary Ann Sedor
Personal Statement: “To Whom it may concern:

I am very excited to submit my self nomination for a position on the ICA Board. I am excited because I truly appreciate the ICA as both the Co-Founder of an Illinois based cycling team and as an athlete and I would like to be a part of the organization that supports the Illinois Cycling Community.
I have held many officer positions over the years including being the President of a Cooperative Preschool and an Officer for a large Illinois travel softball program. I am currently the Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of INTENT, Inc, a coaching and training company which adds countless experiences as a leader of an organization.
I would love to have the opportunity to work on behalf of the ICA and to be able to serve the Illinois cycling community.
If you have any additional questions regarding my experience or skill set, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration, Mary Ann Sedor”

If you have questions or comments about this information or the election process, send an email to ica.electioncommittee@gmail.com