2018 ICA Elections

Voting for the new ICA Board

Each official team representative will receive via email by Saturday, February 17th an invitation to submit a ballot. Votes will be due by midnight on Tuesday, February 27th. If a team erroneously fills out multiple ballots, only the most recent one by the official representative will be counted and the rest will be thrown out. If you have questions or comments about this form or the nomination process, please contact us.

ICA Board Candidate Positions

President (1 year)
Rob Curtis

Vice President (2 year)
Michael Kelly

Treasurer (2 year)
Brenda Feehery
Nikki Cyp

Secretary (2 year)
Sue Wellinghof
Kevin Pietka
Trisha Kurtz

Notes: The At-Large position will be held by Chad Briggs as he serves the two-year term. In 2019, the President and At Large positions will be up for election, each for a two-year term, as we move to a staggered election for board positions. This will ensure that the board always has some continuity.

Candidate Statements

Rob Curtis for ICA President

Road may not be dead but it is suffering. Cross is healthy but fairly level. Track is increasing. Mountain has been left to Wisconsin. The category 5 fields for men hardly ever sell out at all anymore let alone in the first 15 minutes after registration opens. Actual road races are so few that I only attended 1 during 2017.

As a business owner in cycling, event promoter, and team leader I’ve been watching this downward trend develop. Mostly witnessing it first hand at the races I attend every weekend from March through December. I’ve also seen it in the registration numbers at the races I run. In the last 7 years I have hosted 26 events on 22 different USA Cycling permits. Last season 3/5 of the Illinois Cup races were hosted by my organization. This sport is my life and it’s continued development and success are critical to me.

I believe that slowing the loss of ridership and building the sport through new riders and new events is key. Focus on junior cycling is important. We should revisit ideas such as the interscholastic cyclocross racing league that was run here in the past. Women’s cycling has grown in the last few years and I want to see that growth continue. I want to actively reach out to riders who have previously raced but have left the system in an effort to improve what we are offering.

The myth that criteriums are too dangerous has seeped its way through the lexicon of cycling to the point where it is repeated as law even by those who have never raced a bike. When comparing that fact with the realization that the overwhelming majority of races we host in this state are in fact criteriums it’s not hard to see why we have been having issues. That needs to be fought on both fronts. We need other events and new riders need to be mentored.

Mountain has had its ups and downs in Illinois but since I have been in this state I have only seen the downs. We are content at this point to allow Wisconsin to host all of the events we want to race at save the 1 day a year we all invade Palos. USA Cycling has been wanting to see the races come back. There is opportunity to make that happen.

Having lived and raced in areas that do not have a Velodrome anywhere near them I can not stress enough how vital it is to maintain and promote the general good health of the Velodrome that we do have in this state. I feel that with the close proximity of Major Taylor in Indy and the Washington Park Velodrome in Kenosha we have gotten too comfortable. In these tough economic times the operational expenditures are coming under greater scrutiny than ever before. We must actively work as a community to give support to the dedicated few who maintain our Velodrome and its programs.

I would like to see our Officials program flourish by way of direct continued support from the ICA. I would like see more certification classes from USA Cycling put on/hosted in the Chicago area. Coaching certifications as well as race mechanic – possibly through support of the PBMA.

I would like to see communication from the ICA continue to improve. I want a central schedule/calendar of events that is able to be electronically synched to most riders, coaches and team member’s phones. Effective reminders and communication of upcoming events, and even earlier development of race schedules even in their preliminary states are essential in this day of scheduled periodization of training as well as general seasonal planning and sponsorship proposals.

If you see fit to vote for me might I also encourage a vote for Michael Kelly/Vice President, Kevin Pietka/ Secretary, and Brenda Feehery/Treasurer. 3 Individuals who are just as dedicated to the sport and whom I feel can fill the roles very well.

Michael Kelly for ICA Vice President

As part of the “Breaking Away” generation, I fell in love with bike racing in the late 70s.  This was compounded by growing up in Denver and watching the Red Zinger/Coors classic annual race.  Working for a number of years in local bike shops, I fell in love with the bikes themselves.

Eventually landing in Chicago, I joined the South Chicago Wheelmen in the early 2000s.  Great days learning to become a solid crit racer back when anybody that was somebody raced Tuesday Nights at the Ace Paint Factory.

SCW was a nice place to call home, and following the leadership of Steve Feehery I went on to become Vice President.

Great insight or dumb luck I don’t know, but we hosted a cross race just before the modern cross explosion.  We took that little race from a tiny city park to what is easily the best cross race in the CCC series and one of the best bike races in the state period.

Long in the tooth, my racing days are fading away, but I still want to stay active.

I love the sport and have for a long time.  I’d like the opportunity to promote bicycle racing in a new way.

I’d bring the same ideals that I’ve developed over the years at SCW: developing juniors, using the sport to strengthen family and community, using the sport to strengthen personal growth and discipline, and helping to create that intangible sense you get at a bike race sometimes that says, there’s no place else I’d rather be.

Thanks for your consideration.

Nikki Cyp for ICA Treasurer

I’ve previously held this position and I’m familiar with the required forms and documentations needed to help ensure that the ICA is in good standing with the State of IL and USAC. I’ve been active within the ICA for years and enjoy helping when and where I can with the various tasks that we have.

Brenda Feehery for ICA Treasurer

I, Brenda Feehery have a consistent history of community involvement from 20+ years of volunteering. I was Homewood Girls Softball President for 10 years while also serving on the Concession Stand Board as Volunteer Coordinator. I was the Secretary for 5 years and President for 3 of the St. Jude Ice Hockey Program. From 2005-2012, I was the Homewood-Flossmoor High School Ice Hockey Treasurer. As Treasurer, I assisted the board with creating a budget and preparing financial statements, preparing invoices, collection of ice bills, ordering equipment & uniforms, recruitment, ice contract negotiations, banquets, fundraising and liaison between the team and High School Athletic Department. For many years, I have had the pleasure of volunteering for the SCW and a wife/parent of racers. In the past few years, I have began officiating and now I am currently working alongside the ICA and USAC Officials as the ICA Officials Coordinator. In addition to my Cycling experience, my personal qualifications include a BS degree in Business Administration and Management with 20 years of experience in Business ownership and Finances/Accounting/Financial Statements with great communication skills. I am a practical person, a team player, an excellent listener, and a big picture thinker with an eye for detail.

As I have gotten more involved with the ICA, I become more attuned to what the ICA does and the challenges cycling faces. I have found no other community of cyclists like those in Illinois. Serving as the club treasurer, allows me the opportunity to give back my time and energy to our fine organization who provides opportunity/resources for the recreational to pro cyclists of all disciplines. I will strive to be supportive and positive with mutual respect for one another while listening closely to the needs and suggestions from our clubs and members. I will represent them as best as possible as a voting board member.

As ICA Treasurer, I plan on overseeing its financial activities (collection, disbursement, control) and implementing “best practices” to protect the organization and ensure the organization’s financial resources are effectively managed and sufficient to assure the organization’s long-term financial viability.
As Treasurer, my duties will include but are not limited to:
1) Balancing and maintaining the General Ledger
2) Managing Accounts Receivables
3) Managing Accounts Payables
4) Providing Financial Statement at each monthly meeting
5) In conjunction with other officers, will assure appropriate and timely tax reporting is completed.

I plan to maintain transparency and accountability while maintaining accurate up to date accounting.

I see the ICA board and its members as a driven group of individuals who are dedicated in a united effort to promote camaraderie that enhances all dynamics of cycling.

I believe the ICA and its members are people with different backgrounds with a shared interest: A commitment to raise awareness, promote cycling as a healthy, alternative lifestyle for both recreation and competition. I believe the ICA should look to support expansion/development of the entire cycling community from the recreational to elite/pro cyclist. To offer competitive yet safe racing.

If elected, I would love for the new ICA board to increase the communication/support of its clubs and the races they promote, encourage involvement, educate riders/racers/promoters/officials/mechanics/spectators through classes/meetings/podcasts/etc., suggest beginner rides, strive to promote bike education/safety programs, Jr. cycling grants, race participation. If I have your support/vote, I would like to encourage you to vote for the following individuals whom I feel would be an ICA Board that all of can be proud of: Rob Curtis/President, Michael Kelly/VP and Kevin Pietka/Secretary.

Sue (Wellinghoff) Fay for ICA Secretary

I would like to be considered for the position of secretary of the ICA.  I think I would be a great fit for this role due to my experience within the Illinois racing community, my personal experience as a program lead and member of management for xXx Racing, and my professional experience in the procurement technology industry.

I have actively raced road, track, time trial, and CX since joining xXx in 2010 in both USAC and ABR events.  Through the years I have developed great relationships with many of the local teams, as well as remained close to the cycling community downstate near my hometown of St. Louis. I am extremely grateful for the lessons I’ve learned and experiences I’ve had as I went from a brand new racer to a more experienced veteran and mentor, and this would not be possible without the strength of the Illinois cycling community.  I’ve ridden and raced all over the country, and what we have here in Illinois is special.

I would appreciate the opportunity to be more involved in the ICA and hold an official position. I’ve co-lead the women’s program of xXx for multiple years and am still involved with management today as well as a very active volunteer at both our races and other community races when needed. I’ve been a representative for xXx at both the Northbrook Cycle Committee meetings as well as the past year of ICA; attending meetings and taking detailed notes to provide back to xXx management so we can remain engaged, while being a liaison for our team.  And in my professional career I hold meetings, distribute notes, and look for ways to engage team members and create process efficiencies on a daily basis.

I would love to give back to the ICA and Illinois cycling community after they have given so much to me throughout the past 7 years. We are fortunate to have such a variety of events throughout Illinois, and so many opportunities for people to race. I would love to continue pushing for unique cycling events and supporting teams and race directors in their endeavors to continue to make Illinois an incredible place to be a bike racer.

Kevin Pietka for ICA Secretary

Cycling has been a significant part of my life since I took my first ride as a child. The wind in my hair and the freedom felt while on a bike clears the mind and everything feels right in the world. My background in cycling is vast and started at an early age. I fell in love with cycling as a child; it was my mode of transportation, fun and freedom. I started racing mountain bikes at the age of 15 and from there on cycling was my passion. I was introduced into the cycling industry at age 16 when I started working at the local bike shop. I quickly dedicated my time to learn everything I could about the industry and the sport. I spent 10 years as a bicycle mechanic and service manager, all while riding and racing on the side. I started my racing career in mountain biking then road then I found my calling of cyclocross. I’ve been racing in the Chicago Cross Cup since 2006 and have seen the sport explode across all categories. My biggest passion in the sport is not the racing though, it’s the support of racing. I was the race director for 2 years in Geneva which was part of the Superweek series. Since my departure from my career in the cycling industry I have spent most of my time in the sport being a support person. I have volunteered at countless races over the years, doing everything from marshalling, course setup, volunteer coordination, lead pace car and even neutral support. I currently hold the position of Race Production Manager for Chicago Women’s Elite Cycling (CWEC). I started volunteering with CWEC 3 years ago. It all started when I saw they were holding an information session and season planning clinic. I was 2 years out of the industry and started to get the itch to work with my hands again. I initially went in looking to help by offering my mechanic skills, but it turned out to be so much more. My purpose with CWEC is to “Let the racers race”, what that boils down to is providing full support of the team and allowing them to solely focus on racing their bikes. I do everything from race day planning, transportation, inventory management, race day support, mechanical support and even the occasional medical support. The position can be mentally and physical exhausting, but all of that goes away when I see the excitement on the racers faces. Watching these women do incredible things they never thought they could accomplish brings more joy than any solo effort I’ve ever done. Being something bigger than myself makes me complete.

I feel that one of our biggest challenges in the sport and in Illinois is support and communication to newer riders as well as equality in the men’s and women’s fields. Cycling has come a long way since I first started in the sport. I remember the days where a women’s cyclocross field had less than 10 racers total and now we see 50 plus in a women’s Cat4 race. Junior cycling has exploded and there are a few great teams and groups really helping support, but I think we can do even better. My goal is to expand the sport and make it a welcoming environment for all riders. To me it doesn’t matter how old or young you are or whether you’re a man or a woman or a Cat1 or a casual weekend warrior we are all in the sport together and that’s all that matters. I have always felt that it doesn’t matter what you like to do on a bike all that matters is your butt is on a bike. I’ve made it my mission to assist all riders I meet in whatever aspect they need it.

If I am awarded the privilege of the position of secretary I will put my focus on working with my fellow board members and the community to complete an end goal of a more welcoming, informative and equal cycling community. Between my industry knowledge and my racing/support experience I believe I can be a valuable asset to our cycling community or as I like to call it “my cycling family”. I have had the privilege to meet many great people and work alongside some of the best in cycling and I will continue to be a supporter of all things 2 wheeled. Cycling is my passion; I put my heart, soul and blood sweat and tears into this sport.

If elected I would like to encourage you to vote for the following individuals who I feel are the best in the business and will bring complementary attitudes and passion to the ICA: Rob Curtis/President, Michael Kelly/VP and Brenda Feehery/Treasurer.

I appreciate your time and value your support in my desire to fill the position of Secretary.

Trisha Kurtz for Secretary

While still fairly new to the cycling community in Chicago, I have leaped as far in as I can. Everything from group rides to racing. I started as a triathlete and was sort of tricked into racing criteriums by Annie Byrne. “It’ll be a good introduction for triathlon,” she said. Let’s all giggle about that. So I started at the Skyway Classic in 2016 and have been racing since. I am now active in cyclocross, track, triathlon, and everything road related. The community has given me so much and I want to return the love and give as much support as I can. To add to my list I’ve gotten an ambassadorship with Jlvelo, a custom kit company out of California. I’m excited to represent for them. As an active rider and racer with Spidermonkey Cycling, I would be thrilled to also represent the scene with a secretary position for the ICA.