Addendum to the ICA Bylaws – 7/11/16

The board is proposing an addendum to the ICA Bylaws. Input may be expressed by contacting the ICA board. This update will be voted on at our September 12th Meeting, two months from this posting date. A 2/3 vote of those in attendance, including at least three board members and three different member clubs represented are required to pass this addendum. The addendum is as follows:

2a. BikeReg is the preferred registration site for USAC races held in Illinois. The ICA currently holds a contract with BikeReg where the organization receives $0.40 per rider from races using BikeReg. These funds help maintain the camera, ink, paper, tape and all supplies essential to keep results and timing consistent and fluent across all races. We have a registration system that was designed to work with BikeReg data. We also believe that having the same registration site for all races in Illinois makes a consistent and familiar experience for racers when registering. This revenue allows us to operate without collecting a per rider surcharge in addition to the basic registration fee, as many local associations do to support operational costs. This also allows the race fee advertised to be the true cost, with no additional fees. We do not dictate race entry fees, but encourage race directors to include all fees (taxes, service charge, etc.) in the advertised price. Race directors hold the right to use the registration program of their choice, but in doing so agree to pay the ICA $0.40 per rider for use of equipment if they choose to use something other than BikeReg. Additionally, if use of the camera and registration program are required in an instance where BikeReg is not being used, a formal request must be made to either the current Director of Registration, Results and Technology (currently Jason Knauff) or an ICA Board member. If communication occurs less than seven days from the event, a $150 late fee will be incurred. This fee will be used as payment to officials or technical directors whose additional time is needed for program setup and execution and equipment transportation. These fees may be collected at the end of race day. If a race director neglects to pay the appropriate fees we reserve the right to restrict future access to the equipment and registration program.