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HAC CX Eliminator

September 3, 2022

Have you heard? After a year-long hiatus, ‘cross is coming!!! Time to swap out your gravel tires, grab your cow bells, and get ready to hop some barriers at Big Marsh this Labor Day weekend. Come out and help support the development of Big Marsh and come join Half Acre Cycling for our annual CX Eliminator race. A portion of the proceeds will go towards further development of this amazing area (Making future races even more fun and challenging).

Check-in / Registration
Racers should check-in or register no later than 15 minutes before their schedule race start time.  Anytime after that, racers who have failed to check-in may lose their start numbers to racers on the wait-list.  Refunds will not be given to late or missed check-ins. Day-of registration will be available for $20, cash only

Approved helmets must be worn at all times when a rider is on a bicycle.  This includes the course, tent area, and parking lots.  Riders may be subject to disqualification and/or sanctioning, in accordance with USA Cycling rules.

Course Description
A short, technical course that may include grass, dirt, mud, pavement, and/or gravel. There will be technical flow section, short hill climbs, singletrack, and straightaways. Barriers and other hazards to be placed as needed, in accordance with USA Cycling regulations.

Other info All USAC rules apply. Event will be held rain or shine. Bring your own food and beverage, there are restrooms on site. For the health and safety of our volunteers and organizers, we ask that you please wear a mask and maintain a safe distance when visiting the registration tent. Please email with any questions and check out the Facebook EVENT for ongoing updates.

A word about inclusivity You want in, we want you in. We’ve added categories to ensure space and affordability for all. Come bring your best vibes, whoever you are and however you roll! Under the Gender Expansive catagory, there will be podiums and prizes for men, women, and non-binary racers! This year, with help from the Shirley Ryan Ability Labs, we’ve added an adaptive category so everyone can come out and have some cross fun!


Flat-Bar –  A flat-bar bike is any free-wheel bicycle with a flat or riser bar, with the ends facing outward.  This includes mountain bikes and bikes with “fixie” bars.  There is no single speed category this year, but please feel free to race your single speed bikes.

Drop-Bar –  Drop-bar bikes are any free-wheel bicycles with handlebars that curve downward, with the ends facing the rear of the bike.  This includes traditional cyclo-cross bikes and standard road bikes (though highly discouraged).  You may race single-speed drop-bar bikes in this category.

Single-Speed –  Single-speed bikes are any free-wheel bicycles that are limited to a single gear combination.  SRAM road/CX drive-trains may be limited with a cable tie.  Drop-bar and flat-bar bikes are both allowed. If time allows, we may have a single-speed race, or seperate podiums.

Adaptive Equipment – Adaptive equipment designated specifically for off-road use will be allowed. Loaner cycles may be available for those with experience riding adaptive cycles. Please reach out to the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab to arrange loaner equipment

Banned Bikes –  For safety reasons, the following bicycles may not participate in ANY category:

  • Bikes with forward-facing handlebars:  this includes aero bars and bullhorn bars.
  • Fixed-gear bicycles.
  • E-bikes.

Race Format:

General Provisions 

  • This is an Eliminator style race.
  • A racer’s registration covers their entry for any Elimination Round for which they qualify.
  • A racer may register for as many races as they qualify for, as per Category descriptions.
  • If there are 6 or more racers registered for a Category, that Category will be run.  If there are 5 or less, that Category may be combined with another.
  • Racers will be issued a bib # to identify their Group
  • Numbers must be placed on the Right Side of the racer’s jersey, with the numbers clearly visible from the side.
  • Any item or items issued to racers at the starting line must be carried to the finish.  Failure to do so may result in a penalty or disqualification.
  • In the event of divided individual lanes, racers must stay in their lane.

Seed Round

  • In the Seed Round, racers will race in a single mass start race. No one is eliminated in Seed Rounds. We may cap numbers and do multiple Seed Rounds depending on how many are registered per group.
  • Seed Round placings determine the line up for Elimination Heats.

Elimination Heats

  • In the Elimination Heats, racers will race in fields of 8 or fewer racers.
  • The finish order of each Heat shall be used to determine the Heat and start order of the next Heat and/or Championship.
  • At least the top half of the Heat’s finishers will continue to the next Round. Before the start of the Heat, the race official may announce that more than the top half will qualify. This may be done to round out the numbers of the next Heat.
  • In the event a racer misses the call-up for their Heat, they will have the last lane selection for that Heat.
  • In the event a racer misses the start of their Heat, they will be marked as a DNF or assigned to a later Heat, at the race official’s discretion.
  • Should a racer fail to complete their lap due to mechanical failure or injury, that racer should check-in with a race official and turn in their number. The racer will be marked with a DNF.

Championship Round

  • In the Championship Round, racers will race in a single Heat of 8 or fewer racers.
  • Round placement and start order will be determined by the results of the previous Heat.
  • In the event a racer misses the call-up for his or her race, they will have the last lane selection.
  • In the event a racer misses the start of their race, that racer shall be marked as a DNF.

Consolation Round

  • This race will be made up of those in the bottom halves of the placings of all Elimination Heats for a Group.
  • In the Consolation Round, racers will race in a single Heat of 8 or fewer racers.
  • Round placement and start order will be determined by the results of the first round.
  • Racers shall select a lane in the order their numbers are called.
  • In the event a racer misses the call-up for their race, they will have the last lane selection.
  • In the event a racer misses the start of their race, that racer shall be marked as a DNF.

Open Race

Just as previous years, time permitting, there will be an Open Race between the Juniors’ Finals and the start of the Gender Inclusive races. Time/Length TBD. The race will be open to all event participants. Entry into any event that day gains you complimentary entry into the Open Race.



How is this going to work?

For Half Acre’s CX Eliminator, each racer is guaranteed at least three races.  Each Heat of 8 or fewer racers will start a few minutes after the previous Heat, with a longer break between Groups.  The takeaway here is just race as fast and clean as you can.  The eliminated riders from the Elimination Heats will get to race in the Consolation Race before the Finals.  In each of the Elimination Heats, the top half of the racers go forward to the next Heat or the Championship, while the bottom await the Consolation Round.  Elimination Rounds are repeated until there are 8 or less racers remaining.  In the Championship Round, the top 3 racers to finish get to climb the podium, are heaped with praise, and earn immeasurable amounts of glory.

Do I have to pay for every round then?!

Nope.  Your race entry fee is for your Group, not Round.  You race until you’re eliminated on the same ticket.

Can I sign-up for multiple Divisions?

Sure, they’re your legs.  We shouldn’t have two divisions on the course at the same time.  In the event we do, let us know and we’ll work to make an accommodation for you.  However, keep in mind that these are hot laps and racing back-to-back is easier said than done.

Can I get a multiple race discount?

Yes, $5 if you pre-reg.  We won’t really be making money on this, we just thought it’d be a fun/terrible idea.  After pre-reg? $10 day-of. Late registrations make things harder on everyone and you’ll have to shoulder a tiny bit of that cost.

Whoa!  What if I’m not sure if I’m an A, B, or C?

First, this is a hot lap and the race is a series of hot laps.  Just go out there and give it your all. You’d be surprised how the playing field changes when there aren’t a ton of laps and crowded corners.  Second, use the guidelines given on the rules page. You KNOW where you should be, no sandbaggers please!


September 3, 2022
Event Category:


Half Acre Cycling


Big Marsh
11559 S Stony Island Ave
Chicago, 60633 United States
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