ICA Monthly Meeting – June 12, 2018



  • Rob Curtis
  • Brenda Feehery
  • Michael Kelly
  • Chad Briggs
  • Kevin Pietka
  • Sue Fay


Social Media

  • Sent an email to every listed race promoter with an active permit
  • 4-5 promoters have responding and like the idea of using ICA social media to promote their events


ICA Website

  • Calendar needs to be updated on website to reflect 2018 races
  • Brenda, Sue and Rob have calendars. Figure out how to compile them all together.
  • Trying to figure out a way to have ability for users to update their phone calendars with races


Lap Counters

  • Still on the hunt for reasonably priced options for battery operated version
  • Looking towards manual options. Much cheaper.
  • All attendees are in agreement to buy new manual counters. (Quantity of 2)



  • Updated promoters on what is available in the trailer via email and will announce the availability via website and upcoming promoters meeting
  • Flagger signs, vests, stage plus stairs, race in progress signs, roughly 50 large cones, USAC snow fence (best used for stage skirt)
  • License plate needs to be renewed. Brenda to work on renewal.


Promoters Meeting

  • Coming up. Will announce all details soon. Available at PSIMET and via webinar.



  • Brenda ordered 4 new radios


State Championship Jerseys and Medals

  • Steve Feehery has jerseys and will inventory this week
  • Rob Curtis has medals
  • Pactimo brand, can make more and depending on inventory levels they can get us jerseys quickly
  • Coordinate with track, they will need them soon
  • All in agreement to purchase medals as needed
  • Winner of State championship receives free entry to IL Cup races for next year
  • Talk of award for winner as well, in past we have done ICA coffee mugs. Jacket, shirt, hat?

Financial Report

  • Pay out to camera operators
  • Waiting on BikeReg reimbursement
  • Some purchases made and within budget