Photo Credit: Ethan Glading

The Illinois Cup showcases the best races throughout Illinois. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, riders from our member racing clubs will have the opportunity to compete in a season-long series to crown the best overall cyclist. Can a few top wins earn the title, or will a solid mid-pack rider who makes every race walk away the champion? In the Illinois Cup, determination and effort has as good a chance as raw ability.

Each Illinois Cup race awards points for the top twelve finishers.  See the official rules here in the IL Cup Guide for Riders.

2018 IL Cup Race Calendar and Current Standings:

  • Spring Super Criterium (April 8)
  • Urbana Grand Prix (May 6)
  • Region Riot (May 12)
  • Elgin (My 19)
  • Fox River Grove (May 20)
  • Cobb Park (June 3)
  • Bloomington (July 14, also state championship)

Congratulations to the 2017 IL Cup Champions! (Final Standings)

  • Jr Boys 9-10: Rafi Dennison (Christian Cycling Club)
  • Jr Girls 11-12: Dakota Austin (The Weather Channel)
  • Jr Boys 11-12: George Werderich (The Pony Shop)
  • Jr Girls 13-14: Katherine Schafer
  • Jr Boys 13-14: Marcus Van Mieghem (The Pony Shop)
  • Jr Girls 15-16: Lydia Chinchilla (Team Got Wind?)
  • Jr Boys 15-16: Alex Tantasook (xXx Racing)
  • Jr Girls 17-18: Amelia Van Maldegiam (PSIMET Racing)
  • Jr Boys 17-18: Edgar Vera
  • Women 4: Sara Browning (PSIMET Racing)
  • Men 4: Patrick Murphy (Valley Velo)
  • Women 3: Katie Isermann (PSIMET Racing)
  • Men 3: Bobby Atkins (xXx Racing)
  • Masters 40-49: Timothy Strelecki (EMC2 / Elmhurst Masters)
  • Masters 50+: Michael Zellmann (The Weather Channel)
  • Women 1/2: Christine Thornburg (BFF Bikes)
  • Men 1/2: Tyler George (xXx Racing)