Photo Credit: Ethan Glading

The Illinois Cup showcases the best races throughout Illinois. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, riders from our member racing clubs will have the opportunity to compete in a season-long series to crown the best overall cyclist. Can a few top wins earn the title, or will a solid mid-pack rider who makes every race walk away the champion? In the Illinois Cup, determination and effort has as good a chance as raw ability.

RACE PROMOTERS: Guidelines and application for including your race in the 2020 IL Cup can be found here in the 2020 IL Cup Guide for Race Directors.

RACERS: Each Illinois Cup race awards points for the top twelve finishers.  See the official rules here in the 2020 IL Cup Guide for Riders. New for 2020: (1) Non-Illinois riders will be able to compete for the Cup, (2) New Masters Categories: 35-44, 45-54 and 55+, and (3) New Women’s Masters 35+

2020 IL Cup Racing Schedule:

  • Autobahn Spring Criterium – 1st Event in Series Only (March 29) – POSTPONED
  • Spring Super Criterium (April 11) – CANCELLED
  • Lincoln Park Criterium (April 26) – CANCELLED
  • Region Riot Criterium (May 9) – CANCELLED
  • Fox River Grove Criterium (May 17) – CANCELLED
  • Cobb Park Criterium (May 31)
  • Starved Rock State Road Race Championship (August 2)
  • Winfield Criterium (September 12)

Congratulations to the 2019 IL Cup Champions! (Final Standings)

  • Jr Girls 9-10: Reagan Smott (PSIMET Racing)
  • Jr Boys 9-10: Owen Smott (PSIMET Racing)
  • Jr Boys 11-12: Emiliano Arteaga (xXx Racing)
  • Jr Girls 13-14: Dakota Austin (xXx Racing)
  • Jr Boys 13-14: Maxim Glyvka (PSIMET Racing)
  • Jr Girls 15-16: Jordan Gwyen Austin (xXx Racing)
  • Jr Boys 15-16: David Kosela (Plus Cycling Team)
  • Jr Boys 17-18: Alex Tantasook (xXx Racing)
  • Women 4: Margaret McGill (BFF Bikes)
  • Men 4: Rafal Kuklinski
  • Women 3: Kelsey Campbell Dollaghan (Chicago Cuttin’ Crew)
  • Men 3: Craig Kielbasa
  • Masters 40-49: Jason Knauff (Burnham Racing)
  • Masters 50+: Aaron Katin (Burnham Racing)
  • Women 1/2: Katherine Isermann (PSIMET Racing)
  • Men 1/2: Michael Lanyon (Burnham Racing)

Previous IL Cup Champions and Standings: