February 8th, 7:30pm

Introduce the new board
State Championship Applications
Race Directors Meeting
USAC LA Mtg Feedback
Open Forum

Attendees: Mike –Tower Racing, Andrew Rizzo, Marco Colbert- Intelligentsia Cup, Tim McClinton, Sarah Gulseth, Kelly Clarke, Brad Rainko

– Tim, President – Naperville, passion for cycling and joins board to continue growth for the state of IL at ICA
– Steve-VP- Not able to call in due to work
– Kelly-Treasurer- Spider Monkey- Taking over for Nikki Cyp, goal is to grow IL cycling community
– Sarah- Officer at Large- Intent Racing out of Woodridge, in charge of social media and goal of expanding women’s racing and growing ICA awareness
– Brad- Secretary – Johnny Sprockets -goal to keep meetings run smoothly, and keep clear and concise notes
Call Participants:
– Mike: Tower Racing- Part of Rural Springs Road Race State Championship Applicant (2nd time calling in)
– Marco: Race Director of Intelligentsia Cup for the local Road Races (can join the meeting occasionally)
– Andrew- Works on Collegiate racing and has participated in the calls for the past 10 years.

State Champ Applications Update
– Final Decision to be announced soon

Race Director’s Meeting
– Currently Scheduled for February 27th
– Venue – Lincoln Park REI- (North and Halsted) 10am to 2PM
– Lunch to be brought in
– Permitting, Officials and any other pertinent Topics

USAC LA Meeting – January Meeting Big Points
Race Clean Initiative
– 43 riders tested in ‘15
– Goal of 180? riders tested in ‘16
– USAC is offering a different tiers of Insurance for Race insurance
– Depending on size of race
– New Grand Fondo Insurance

Open Forum
– Marco: Comment- good to hear about increased testing for more riders
– ICA will continue to advertise this initiative
– Marco: New Racing Calendar- Pro Road Tour, no longer NCC